Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a great way to add volume, texture, or length to your hair! They are also a fun way to experiment with colour!

We offer a range of hair extensions from leading experts in the industry (Zen Hair and Hairdreams), offering high quality natural extensions guaranteeing natural wave, fullness, lustre, and longevity. We use only the best quality human hair and make sure that whatever style you choose, your hair will look naturally yours.

Call your nearest salon and book your free consultation to see what benefits you can get from adding hair extensions to your hair.

Prices are based on the hair extension, the method and length of hair required.


Hair is pre-taped with a medical grade gel adhesive which can be worn for 6-8 weeks. Stylists position the client’s natural hair in between two pieces of tape and press together for a secure and comfortable fit. The taped hair extensions lie seamlessly flat against the hair and are easily removable. Pop into the salon to have your stylist rotate the extensions, so you can achieve maximum use.

These extensions are incredibly versatile in that they may be removed and put back in relatively easily by your stylist – you can alternate between long and short hair by simply popping into the salon. When you are not wearing your extensions, these will be cleaned and packed by the salon for you to store at home until you decided to put them in again.


Pre-bonded tips are one of the most popular methods used by hair extension professionals today. The extensions stay in the hair for several months and can be rotated as the hair grows out. Nano bonds are ultra-thin and extremely flat. These extensions are practically undetectable and allow for the hair to naturally lay flat against the scalp. For those clients with thin or extremely damaged hair, comfort points bonding possesses a special ergonomic shape, which provides perfect wearing comfort and an amazingly soft and natural look.