About Sinead

Stylist / Colourist

Salon: Vauxhall

Biggest hair care do and don’t?

‘Do’ get your hair cut regularly. I know a lot of people, when growing their hair think trimming defeats the purpose but I promise you when you find a stylist who knows the difference between a trim and an inch you will be safe.
‘Don’t ‘ under any circumstance lighten your hair at home. It’s a whole different ball game. Always seek professional a creative and I love interacting with people, so hairdressing was the natural career for me! It is my passion.

Most memorable hair moment? 

I used to cut the hair of an autistic boy back in New Zealand. After I had cut his hair, his mum came up to me crying and gave me a big hug. Apparently, he had not let anyone touch him and his mother would get so stressed that he would have a meltdown. That moment really stuck with me because that is when I realised hairdressing was so much more than cutting hair.

What tips and advice do you have for aspiring stylists just starting out?

– Confidence, you need to 100% believe in your abilities.
– Practice, practice out does talent 9 times out of 10. If there is an aspect of hairdressing you’re not confident in keep practising.
– Communication is key. Bad services occur due to miscommunication. When a client asks you for an inch off, get them to show you their idea of an inch, everyone has different ideas of an inch.


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